Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Class 1: recap and homework

To recap …

In this class we talked a lot about ideas for the big project. There looks to be most group enthusiasm for a book and/or a competition – with support also for a video, a reading, and especially a website or blog.


Come up with an idea for a project that incorporates a competition and a book (it may be print or online), and also incorporates one or more of these things as well: a video, a reading, a website, a blog. Think creatively. Combine these things in any way you like.

Other notes

We talked about SWOT analyses – listing and exploring the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in any project, and we brainstormed a few that could apply to this group working on a competition/book project. This is essentially what we've come up with so far:

The group is good at giving constructive feedback
The group has a wide range of perspectives, opinions, and interests
The group is smallish which may make organization easier
Several members of the group have a strong interest in and aptitude for editing
One member of the group has experience in and interest in film and video
Cohesive good communicators with each other

The group has a wide range of perspectives and opinions (dissension?)
The small group size could be a disadvantage – create a risk of spreading ourselves too thin
The group are fairly introverted and not too comfortable with public speaking etc.
Lack of actual experience in project management etc

For project:
People love to see their work in print
People want to win
For group:
Networking with industry professionals
Networking with other writers – inspiration
May get to meet people who could be useful in finding jobs in future
Gaining experience

Lack of money
Lack of interest from public – a lot of competition
Underestimating the amount of work involved

The value of a SWOT analysis is always in what you do with it, and how you use it to help plan, so we will do more work on this as we go on, and begin to decide what our project will be.

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